New Standard for Business Analysis published by IIBA

The new standard in Business Analysis

Business Analysis continues to evolve since the release of the IIBA® Global Business Analysis Core Standard in 2017. Over the years, therefore, the need and opportunity has arisen to revisit its content and structure to meet the needs of the global community of Business Analysis.

The Business Analysis Standard

The new Business Analysis Standard summarizes proven concepts and practices as a benchmark for business value creation. The standard also aligns with the key principles for standards development outlined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO):

  • It was co-created with the IIBA global business analysis community following a multi-stakeholder process
  • The leaders and professionals of business analysis have been chosen:
    • from the global business analysis community;
    • in the different organizations representing the various industrial sectors;
    • among those who have worked on different initiatives.
  • Multiple review cycles ensured that the opinion of all experts was considered to ensure worldwide representation
  • A consensus approach was followed.

In conclusion, the new Business Analysis Standard provides direction for the future development of the Body of Knowledge® Business Analysis Guide (Babok Guide). To this end, IIBA periodically updates the standard to align it with the evolving needs of the business analysis community.

IIBA’s other assets and blog articles

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Cybersecurity Analysis

Cybersecurity Analysis. The result of the partnership of IIBA and IEEE to provide a robust perspective of what companies and Business Analysts need to know to be prepared to meet today’s Cybersecurity challenges

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