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Welcome to the new Business Analysis blog created and promoted by IIBA Italy Chapter! We have decided to create this communication channel to explore topics of common interest together with the many Business Analysis enthusiasts and IIBA volunteers.

Author Luigi Pantarotto listening to a speaker at #BAWI2018 conference on Business Analysis

A blog on Business Analysis

In 2006, the International Institute of Business Analysis published the first version of the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge. It was followed in 2009 by version 2.0, which has had greater circulation and on which many of us have trained.

In 2015 version 3.0 came out and this is the version most of us helped to teach, to disseminate and to apply. As testimonials in universities, with courses in companies, with the Chapter study groups, themed events and sundowners webinars. Like us, an increasing number of professionals have certified themselves over the years by successfully passing the exam.

At the same time, the role of the Business Analyst consolidated his physiognomy of activities, techniques, skills. An essential mix to encourage change in the company, satisfy needs and seize opportunities.

The professionalism of Business Analysis has gradually established itself in companies. In telecommunications, banking and insurance, in the world of utilities and in the most advanced sectors of manufacturing and engineering. And also in public administrations that have begun to request certifications in their calls for tenders.

Business Analysis has found different fields of application. It ranges from Marketing to ICT Demand Management, from Risk Management to the new Big Data & Analytics and Cybersecuirty functions. He has supported and influenced the transformation of the way of working that has passed from functional organization to organization for projects up to more recently to agile methodologies.

Written by … and why …

As professionals of large companies and consulting firms, we make ours the motto of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA): Help Business Do Business Better.

Bringing your contribution to the companies in which we work requires constant comparison on the market. It requires updating between professionals with the exchange of tips and best practices. BizAnalysis.org wants to add a new and independent voice at the service of the international Business Analyst network: without limitations of space and nationality.

Through this blog we will explore areas of knowledge, issues related to Business Analysis, Agile, Business Data Analytics, Cybersecurity. We will focus on experiences, methodologies, best practices, skills and certifications of the same. We also want to reflect together on the job opportunities offered by companies. Trying to connect the world of universities to those of the lifelong education required by the world of work. We would like to evolve and change together, collecting your contributions and listening to your feedback.

How to contribute

If you are interested in contributing as content author, please sign up on the contact page to submit your article.

The article must have original content that deal with the topic of Business Analysis in various ways. A minimum length of 300 words is required. It must be accompanied by at least one high-quality original or free-to-use photo.

If the contents are considered of quality and interest, they will be published in your name. You will be accredited as BizAnalysis.org authors and invited to provide periodic contributions. In addition, training credits will be issued for certified volunteers for the activity carried out.

The way to provide your feedback, suggestions and even criticisms as long as they are constructive, is through the comments at the end of the articles. Comments are also welcome on social networks where the BizAnalysis.org articles will be relaunched.

Taking a cue

Finally we point out some of travel companions. They represent for us at BizAnalysis.org benchmarks for the quality and variety of resources offered to the Business Analysts community. First and foremost Analyst Catalyst, which is the official IIBA blog. We then point out a couple of initiatives rich in content: www.batimes.com and www.modernanalyst.com. Finally, as a model of passion and commitment we mention practicalanalyst.com, born from the desire of Jonathan Babcock to share thoughts and lessons learned gained through years of management consulting.

In conclusion

So again welcome to the Business Analysis blog and remember we have a lot to read and write about Business Analysis. Stay tuned with us on this channel. We hope to offer you useful ideas in the profession and maybe even the desire to reciprocate by bringing us your contribution!

In the beginning we started this blog!

Published by Luigi Pantarotto

Manager passionate of Business Analysis, Data Science and of applying new technologies to process improvement. Head of Market Quality & Cost Monitoring in Eni Plenitude. VP Marketing & Communicatons of IIBA Italy Chapter. MBA, CBAP, CBDA, PMP and engineering degree.

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